Private tours

Why choose the private tour?

There are a range of travel styles out there to suit different tastes and needs. Choosing the one that fits you well is key to a memorable travel experience. If you value personalization, flexibility, and in-depth experiences, a private trip customized to your personal needs will be the best option. Private tour gives you an once in a lifetime experience as you get to choose from a variety of destinations and activities we offer.  So let’s see what it’s like to go on a private tour.

*Private tour is a flexible tour, and we always do our best to provide all our customers with the best possible experience! Your skipper and tour-guide is friendly and happy to help! He will provide you with all needed information at every destination you choose

Choose your pick up and drop off point

On a private tour you get to choose your pick up and drop off point. Our default pick up and drop off is targeted on map. Zapadna obala (West bank), Split.

*Choose from the destinations on our Places page

Personalized destinations and activities

Fancy exploring picture perfect hidden gems of our country? Enjoy tasting mediterranean cuisine at its birth place? Or in need for a bit of booth?

Share your wishes and let us take care of the rest! Together we will create an experience that will last a lifetime.

*Not sure what you want? Visit our Places page to get extra inspiration

Boat to yourself

Tired of worrying about someone getting your sunbed spot? Cherish the extra space while travelling? One of the benefits of the private tour is the extra space you get as you have our trusty boat Mandala to yourself.

Book our private tour and secure that sunbed spot 🙂

Private tours
Private tours

The price includes

  1. Travel and sightseeing
  2. Blue cave and Green cave entering and sightseeing
  3. Professional skipper / tour guide
  4. Water and food on board
  5. Gas for the speedboat
  6. Docking and anchoring fee
  7. Lunch reservation

We can arrange

  1. If you’d like to have lunch in Palmižana ask upon the reservation, and the skipper will reserve a table for you in a restaurant (lunch not included in the price)
  2. It’s possible to arrange a tour guide in Hvar if passengers show interest (ask upon reservation)
  3. Possible detours