Stiniva bay

Next on our menu is Stiniva tour!  Stiniva is a beautiful cove, so beautiful it was pronounced the best beach in Europe 2016! The bay is located in the south of Vis, another Central Dalmatian gem! Stiniva was probably (at one point) a cave. Long time ago the roof of the cave caved in leaving a beautiful pebble covered cove.

Entering the bay is already a jaw dropping experience. Each side of the bay is sheltered by high rocky walls, with an entrance in the middle. Though the beach itself is small, it opens up to an awe inspiring view of the open Adriatic. The sea surrounding the cove is crystal clear, so clear that you can see the sea floor even at 10/15 meters depth.

After you’ve had a time of your life in Stiniva, we push on to our next stop, Budikovac!