Green cave

green cave tour

Green cave tour

Next is the Green cave tour! You’ll absolutely love this place… Green cave is sea cave located south of Vis island! The cave gets its name by the distinctive green glow. The cave is always green-ish, but its true nature reveals it self perfectly only once a day, in a specific window of time.

Fortunately, our tour is perfectly timed so you arrive at the cave just in time for the light-show. There is an opening in the roof of the cave known as “the chimney”, which lets in a single ray of sunlight that extends into the water and shines onto a rock at the floor of the cave.

Green cave is place you absolutely need to see while you’re in Croatia! And the best part is (as the opening is wide enough) we can enter the cave with a speedboat! Again, as the cave entrance is quite tall, it makes for a perfect diving spot (and a classic Croatian GoPro shot 😉 ).

Ready for more? You better be, because our adventure is far from over! Next, Budikovac

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