Budikovac tour

And so we arrive to the third island,with Budikovac tour! Budikovac, an isle south east of Vis hides a beautiful shallow lagoon! This small, uninhabited island is a paradise for tourists. However, sometimes it can be quite the opposite for sailors. There is an unexpected shallow patch on one side of the Island, and a hidden danger to most boats. Fortunately, our shallow draft allows us to speed trough without any trouble.

If you’re a bit tired from all the adventure, this is a perfect time to stop and relax. Perhaps sunbathing in the lagoon? Budikovac or Budihovac, is also home  to a wide beautiful beach, a favorite of many Croatian sailors!

This is another spot on out tour available exclusively trough a boat tour!What better way to visit than aboard a Five islands tour speedboat?

After we spent some time on Budikovac we leave for Pakleni, and Palmižana!

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